Terrace Ridge Farm, a family farm between Vass and Carthage, NC, is operated by Michael, Carol, Matthew and Garin Parker. We specialize in producing high-quality farm-to-freezer beef as well as square bales of coastal bermuda hay for horses, cows, and goats.  We've proudly served central North Carolina for nearly 100 years!

Our farm-to-freezer beef option brings you top-quality natural beef right in the comfort of your own home!  We will transport your cow to the abattoir, and you can pick up your beef and put it in the freezer or directly on the grill!  Call Matthew Parker at (910) 639-8115 for current pricing and to place your order!

To produce high quality coastal bermuda hay, we utilize modern soil and hay tests to monitor soil fertility and harvest our coastal bermuda at the proper stage of maturity to obtain the highest quality horse hay possible.

We also offer summer produce, holiday yard displays, and fresh eggs for sale.

About Terrace Ridge Farm, LLC

Family Farming since 1926

Terrace Ridge Farm, LLC

Farm-to-Freezer Beef

High-Quality Coastal Bermuda Hay


Farm-to-Freezer Beef

Do you love beef but are tired of paying high prices for lesser cuts?  So are we, and that is why Terrace Ridge Farm is raising cows and offering high quality pasture-fed beef for lower prices than the grocer!   Click HERE for details!

Coastal Bermudagrass Hay


At Terrace Ridge Farm we specialize in producing the highest quality bermudagrass hay possible. Click HERE for details!