To produce high-quality beef, the first step is to raise high-quality cows.   That's why we always start with excellent breeds of beef cattle such as Angus, Hereford, and Charolais!

We do NOT implant our cattle with growth hormones, feed our cattle antibiotics, confine our cattle to a feedlot, or feed a grain-based diet.  Our beef is natural!

Farm-to-Freezer Beef

High-Quality Coastal Bermuda Hay

In many of these pictures, the grass is over 18 inches tall!  Our cows graze ryegrass pastures in the spring.  Ryegrass provides the high energy diet that is necessary to produce tender, flavorful beef.

Due to a tremendous demand for our beef, we are currently taking orders in advance.  Call today to place your order!

For beef inquiries, call Matthew Parker at (910)-639-8115.

To raise great beef, we have to keep our pastures in top condition.  This means we have to fertilize and mow periodically to ensure high- protein, tender grass for grazing.

Call today to schedule a farm tour, see the cows, and check out our production practices firsthand!

Terrace Ridge Farm, LLC

Farm to Freezer Beef

Pasture Fed Local Beef

Matthew Parker at Terrace Ridge Farm is proud to offer you his all-natural, pasture-fed beef!  Are you tired of high beef prices?  Worried about what goes into your family's beef?  So are we, and that is why we are offering the best beef in central North Carolina - straight from our farm to your freezer! 

Reserve your beef today - supplies are limited!

To place your order, call Matthew Parker at (910) 639-8115 or contact us HERE!

We sell most of our beef as quarters, halves, and whole cows.  A whole cow will yield approximately 500 pounds of cut-and-wrapped beef, and quarters and halves will yield proportional amounts. Our beef is sold based on hanging weight, which is determined at the time of processing.  Counting processing fees, the total cost of your beef will be approximately $7.25/lb, averaged over all cuts from ground beef to roasts to tenderloin steaks and beyond!

"Hey Matthew, I just wanted to compliment you on your meat. This has to be the BEST beef we have ever put in our mouths! We are so glad we saw your post online and we WILL be buying all of our beef from you. I wish now that I had a bigger freezer.  Thank you again and rest assured, you will see us again!"
Jeff Broom            
Pinebluff, NC